Peak District

08.04.24 Harthill Moor and Stanton Moor

Hard to believe that it has been 9 years since I did a walk just with Noah. I decided to take him on what is probably my all-time favorite hike. It's always fun to come back here and reminisce about my first time in the area on a school trip at age 10.


28.01.24 Short walk from Castleton

Another walk I have done many times now, so changed things up slightly. I'd never walked around the top of winnats pass before, so decided to add that in too. Unfortunately, the wind picked up and we chose to cut things short after Mam Tor. Still worth the trip and an opportunity to talk around Castle ton too.


01.01.24 Birchen Edge

Starting a new year the best way we know how. A nice long walk in the Peaks and covering some new ground. This is a fairly varied walk with lots of features and not a lot of elevation. Definitely one I will do again, hopefully with drier conditions. Today was very much a day of dodging, dodging huge puddles and trying not to sink into very saturated ground.


30.07.23 Cromford Canal and Black Rock

I've screwed up this last year, I've left it far too long to update my site. 9 months later, I am writing this and struggling to remember the details from this walk. I'll do my best! The previous night had been spent in the hotel at Gullivers. We had a room decked out like a wizards den. kinda odd, but the views down into matlock bath were awesome. This was our last walk of a short family trip, which started in the Lakes and ended with us chasing better weather down south in the peaks.


16.01.23 Alport Castles

On the 1st of January 2023, the weather report said it would be a dry day. 3 hours later in the car and we arrived at the Upper Derwent Visitor Centre to a downpour. That was the end of those plans. Jump ahead 2 weeks later and we attempted the same hike. Sunny weather was forecast and for the most part, was fairly accurate.


27.08.22 Win Hill

A hot day with a quick summit of Win Hill. I've done well this year to hit the hot weather and this hike was intended to be longer, with a visit of Alport Castles but in the end, settled for a shorter hike. Notice how low the level of Ladybower Reservoir is due to the record breaking heat this year.


26.08.22 Monk's Dale and Miller's Dale

Monk's Dale is a first for me. It's not often i get a first in the Peak District these days, so it was nice not to know what was coming up. Looking at the trail through Monk's Dale, it seemed to be an area of limited people traffic. That's the best part of walking for me; getting away from people lol.


01.01.22 Baslow Edge and Curbar Edge

New Years Day! It's become a tradition to hike on the 1st day of the year and i'll try and keep this up, work shift permitting. I'd done these edges some years ago but today we managed to find a less travelled cliff named Gardom's Edge.


24.12.21 Chatsworth Estate

A Christmas Eve walk around the Chatsworth Estate. I love coming here and exploring the gardens but at this time of year, the gardens are closed to the public. That doesn't mean though, that you cant still enjoy the outer grounds. It was a cloudy but mild winter day but also quiet too. I really enjoyed this gentle walk and I hope to explore more of this area in the off season.


10.10.21 Lathkill Dale

Two of my favourite Peak District walks interlock. This one and my Druid Walk around Harthill and Stanton Moors. Andrew hasn't done either, so we started with Lathkill Dale. Not only is this a stunning area but it rewards the walker to detour and explore the amazing features along the way,


26.09.21 Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill

I've done this walk severl times but not for the last 10 years! Scary how fast time passes.

NOTE TO SELF: More Hiking!!


17.05.21 Red Brook and Kinder Low

Every now and then I take out some of the guys from the Fire Department for a hike. I work on a fire station where half of my crew are military personnel with a limited amount of time in the uk . I like to show these guys some of the great countryside we have here.

On this day I chose a classic summit but via a not so popular route. The best thing about this route is how quiet it is.


17.04.21 Harthill Moor and Stanton Moor

Lucas is nearly 13 now and has been evading these trips over the last few years even though his brother has always been a keen hiker. i thought it would be a good idea to get him out without his brother and see what he though of hiking without any sibling pressures.


27.09.20 Yellowslacks Brook

Pretty much since my hiking addiction began, I have taken my work colleagues out into the hills with me. These days I work on a fire department where half of my crew are U.S. military personnel. Taking friends on hikes is great but taken friends who are foreign to uk on hikes is even more exciting.


01.01.20 Higger Tor and Stanage Edge

I've been looking at visiting Higger Tor for a long time. I've been around it so many times so today would be the day we make ourselves familiar. We started and ended at the Longshaw Estate and along the way visited Stanage Edge, Robin Hood's Cave, Hathersage and Padley Gorge. It was a pretty gloomy day but that just adds to the drama of the mysterious Peak District.


25.05.19 Crowden Clough

More scramble fun around Kinder Scout. This time a return trip to Crowden Clough. It was a pretty hot day and this time there wasn't much water to contend with. The climb up Crowden Clough is really enjoyable and on the occasions I have been there, its been pretty quiet too.


05.04.19 Kinder Scout via Red Brook

I think this is the best way up onto Kinder. The majority of the approach is away from the crowds, it's beautiful and it's really fun!! The main thing to be wary of though at this time of year is traction. A lot of the photos you will see in these photos are green, which means they are incredibly slippery (ROCK SNOT!). Today the rocks were wet making it even more precarious. What this meant though was we took our time and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, once we got to the top there wasn't a lot too see due to hill fog so we made a fairly fast descent down Kinder End and back to the car.


30.03.19 The Roaches

We asked Lucas is he wanted to go for a hike and he said Yes! This was quite a shock as he's made it clear for years that he would rather stay home and bake than go up hills.

Seeing as this trip had the potential to put him back in the kitchen, I had to make sure he was going to enjoy it. The Roaches and Lud's Church made sense as a good choice because it offers a lot to keep a child interested. It has amazing rock formations and huge boulders to climb, dramatic views and who couldn't feel a sense of adventure in a huge hidden crack in the ground?


17.02.17 Black Hill and Ramsden Clough

I have to thank the walking englishman for this route. It's the first time i've really explored this area. I've done the nearby Bleaklow and Saddleworth area but somehow this spot had been missed. It was one of those days that didn't match up with the met office report.


30.12.18 Lathkill Dale

Our original plan today was to hike up onto Kinder but when we arrived in Edale, we could not see it due to the fog and rain. Feeling disheartened we decided to spend the morning in Bakewell which is when the weather took a turn for the better. Not far from Bakewell is Lathkill Dale and it made a good alternate walk due to being low level and mostly sheltered from the harsh wind.

01.04.18 Derwent Edge

Just one walk in the Peaks in 2018!!!!!!! This was a great little walk on a rather cold and dreary April day. It definitely felt more like winter than it did spring. I've been up here before but this time coming up from the opposite end. The views from Derwent Edge are some of the best in the Peaks and I think it's the best section of the massive Ridge line that consists of Stanage, Baslow, Curbar etc.


07.05.17 Yellowslacks Brook

Plenty of times I've been to Bleaklow and looked down into Yellowslacks wondering whether it would be a good route to ascend through. Today I found out that it could actually be the best route onto Bleaklow.


26.08.16 Crowden Clough

Another route taken from the brilliant book 'Scrambles in the Dark Peak' Get it - here!

I must be close now to getting onto Kinder from every established route and it seems I have been saving the best routes for last. Last week it was up Red Brook and today it was up Crowden Clough.

This really is a gorgeous ascent and it gives you the option of skipping the more scrambley section by veering off on a steep path that leads right up to Crowden Tower.


17.08.16 Kinder Scout via Red Brook

Many times I have now walked the stretch from Kinder Downfall to Kinder ow and every time I've looked down the large opening at the top of Red Brook and thought to myself' 'Is this a possible way up?' So not long ago whilst flicking through the book ' Scrambles in the Dark Peak' I came across a route detailing scrambling up Red Brook. It's been on the cards for a while and now I can tell you that not only is i a great climb but also the walk to it is wonderful!


13.02.16 Harthill Moor and Stanton Moor

There are two places in the Peak District that i am very fond of filled with mystery. I've visited them both several times on separate occasions. I wanted to find a circular walk that covered both areas so I did some searching online.


10.10.15 Mam Tor and The Great Ridge

A great day with friends taking in a gentle walk above Castleton. My usual approach to Mam Tor but today had a slightly different descent back to the village.


21.02.15 Derwent Reservoir+Alport Castles

Back Crikey! First hike of the year! I really need to get myself organised and outside more often in 2015. Today I chose something for me and Noah to do that wouldn't exhaust him. It's been a while since he was last able to come out with me. Although today's walk was fairly long, it is mostly level with only one area providing any real exertion. It's also one I have done before. Well apart from the last bit.


01.11.14 Monsal Trail (old & new)

Back to the Monsal Trail! I cant make my mind up about this trail. It used to be quite a quiet walk but since the tunnels have been opened it is now very popular. It's nice to see cafes at some of the old stations and it's always good to see somewhere that is accessible to all ages although I do think back to my first time on the trail and how peaceful it was. It felt like a forgotten part of the rail world. Kind of like a ghost town. It certainly felt more of an adventure.

Today I decided to cover some of the old detours because it really adds more variety to the walk. The tunnels are great but I don't think you need to go through all of the tunnels.



12.10.14 Blackden Brook and Kinder Edges

Today I finally attempted to do something I have wanted to try for a while now. Complete a full circuit of the Kinder Plateau along the edges. Something I also wanted to do was to try another ascent route. I've been looking for a while now for information on the ascent of Blackden Brook but wasn't finding anything online. All I knew about it was that it was possible! Not really knowing what to expect we set off from Snake Pass and made our way up Blackden Brook. Our exploration felt like un chartered territory, well apart from the narrow track we were following which at times became rather narrow with some nasty drops.


05.07.14 Ecton Hill and Manifold Way

All week long I'd been seeing photos on Facebook of Andrew and Michelle in the Peak District. When saturday arrived, me and Alan jumped in the car and headed up to meet them. This time for me was a return trip to the Manifold Way. 6 years ago was my last visit with my little Fuji Point and Shoot. Today I would be carry my newest and far more substantial camera. I was hoping for some better photos inside Thor's cave. It looked wet when me and Alan arrived and met Andrew and Michelle at Hulme End. We even put waterproofs on. This wet weather was very short lived though and within only a mile of walking it was turning into a real summer scorcher!


31.08.13 The Roaches

Last night we were at Jodrell Bank Observatory enjoying a stunning performance from Icelandic band 'SIGUR ROS' (CHECK MY VIDEOS..I'M A BIG FAN!) We camped over in Leek so it made sense to make a trip to the Roaches the next morning.


14.04.13 Above Dovestone Reservoir

Here is somewhere I have been meaning to visit for a while now. The area of Saddleworth is located on the top edge of the Peak District and so for me its quite a journey to get to. When Noah and I arrived at Dovestone Reservoir, I was surprised at how busy the car park was. It seems to be a popular area for dog walking and family strolls. It didn't take long though for us to leave the gentle, friendly paths behind and get into some pretty rugged scenery. Also joining us today were three of my friends who i met on the Everest Trek back in 2010. It was the first time i had seen Ian since. He still loves to pose for the camera ;)


17.02.13 Magpie Mine

This entry is a little different to usual. I had so much more planned for today. It all started at 7.30am at the Rutland Arms Hotel in Bakewell. My plan for the day was to take an early morning trip out to Magpie Mine and then to head off towards the High Peak for a walk around Ladybower Reservoir and Win Hill. Unfortunately my visit to the Peaks was going to be a lot shorter than planned.


01.09.12 Bleaklow via Ashton Clough

Flicking through the pages of helped create today's route. I highly recommend this book for all those who want to scramble in England! I chose a route that had scrambling and several large points of interest. The last time i visitited Bleaklow, I was on my own in weather fitting of its name. Bleak! Today it was sunny with just enough wind to keep us from sweltering. It was one of those cloudy, deceptive days when you go home with a pink neck.


07.05.12 Dove Dale

After a family christening in Ashbourne yesterday, we took the opportunity to take Lucas on his first proper hike. Dove Dale seemed like the ideal location. Picturesque, gentle walking, plenty of features and a fun climb up Thorpe Cloud. Perfect for children! If only the rain will hold off.

The stepping stones were swiftly tackled and Lucas clambered his way up Thorpe Cloud with little need for help. As we made our way up, he commented how how beautiful the views were. It was a very cute moment that made us all smile. Noah shot up ahead of us and waited patiently every 50 feet or so and once we reached the summit, we all cheered for Lucas.

The wind was biting on the top and looking like it was about to rain so we made our way back down quickly.


14.04.12 Fairbrook

Recently I purchased a great little book called Scrambles in the Dark Peak by Tom Corker and Terry Sleaford. I came across this route and thought it was ideal for Noah to do with me.

Check the book out! It's got some cracking scrambles, well detailed and has routes for various abilities.

The other thing that made me choose this one first is that I hadn't been on this side of Kinder Scout before. Being somewhere pretty unfamiliar to me was very appealing. The first leg of the route started in the Snake Plantation just off of Snake Pass. Shame we couldn't hang around long as its gorgeous in there. Definitely worth a little stroll through on a short day. After a minor detour due to missing the bridge near the end of the wood, we followed Fairbrook which is a fairly deep clough coming down from the Kinder Plateau.


09.03.12 Mount Famine and Kinder Scout

Today I finally managed to get my good friend Colin out walking. He hadn't really done anything in the Peak District before so I figured a walk with the 'wow factor' was essential. I'm always up for climbing onto Kinder Scout but I wanted to change slightly from the route I have done in the past. I always find myself transfixed on Mount Famine during my regular descents back to Hayfield so today I decided that we would attack it first. It's a lot more gradual than it looks from a distance and it wasn't long before we were taking in great panoramic views for miles around.

Our next peak, South Head provided more of the same great views and so we pushed on following the wall towards Brown Knoll. Considering the recent rain, the route wasn't as boggy as expected. A few hops and long jumps and we were on new huge paving slabs which extend to Jacob's Ladder.


19.02.12 Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill

You have to love the start point of today's walk. In Earl Sterndale the drunkest person becomes the Mayor for a year. It also has a pub with a sinister history. Our route started around the back of the pub and out onto Hitter Hill. Fortunately the mud in the fields was frozen solid this morning and the sky was cloudless. We headed into Dowel Dale making a short detour to visit Dowel Cave. Noah was keen to squeeze his way into the depths of the cave but we had to settle for the first chamber as we didn't want to resemble 'Stig of the Dump' for the rest of the day.

Our next stop would be High Edge but first we had to pass a ferocious dog at Greensides.I considered throwing it my chicken stuffed pitta bread to buy us some time but fortunately the bark was a lot bigger than it's frame.


29.01.12 Stanton Moor

When I was 10 years old, I went on a school trip to the Peak District. We camped at the top of Birchover in huge army tents and one night the teachers took us all out for an evening walk around Stanton Moor. I had never done anything like this before, never been on a hike, never been on a moor and certainly not out somewhere so barren and almost featureless at night. I recall at the time I was worried about being pulled down into the earth by a bog or attacked by a wild animal. I think I had recently watched Sherlock Holmes and The Hound of the Baskervilles so my mind was running wild.

The teachers didn't put my mind at rest when we reached a stone circle and they began to tell us about rituals and ceremonies being held here, thousand of years ago. Too much Hammer Horror at a young age didn't help me either.




28.01.12 A Castleton Circular

I had no idea there was any snow in the Peaks today. It wasn't until we were approaching Hathersage and I saw hill after hill topped with the pure white stuff.

Excellent! I was even more excited now about revisiting a walk I had done a few years back. A truely classic Peak District walking route that everyone must do at some point.

The only problem with this route is starting it from Castleton. Castleton had several inviting pubs and I find walking past them quite difficult.

Just like last time, I incorporated Cave Dale into my route and followed the Limestone Way before cutting across to Mam Tor.

It makes for a very gradual incline with very little exertion. That has to be good sometimes.

Once Mam Tor was summited, I traversed the Great Ridge and descended Lose Hill back to Castleton for a cheeky pint in the Bulls Head Inn. Quick, Easy, Classic!

01.11.11 Win Hill and Alport Castles

After picking Andy up from work, we set of for the Peak District. Along the way it was looking like it was going to rain but I was convinced we wouldn't be needing waterproofs today. We arrived in the Bamford valley to glorious sunshine. It was the start of November and it was T-shirt weather! Todays route was a pretty long one and I knew we were pushing it for enough daylight. The short steep climb through the trees up to Win Hill was a sweaty one and once we reached the top I was wondering wheather I should have packed sun block. We then followed the Roman Road around Blackley Hey to the Alport Valley. After a late lunch break we climbed The Tower at Alport Castles and took in the stunning scenery left behind by the largest land slip in the UK. A long walk across Rowlee and Bridge-end Pastures as the sun set took us back down to Ladybower Reservoir and back to the car. Crook Hill was on our hitlist today but was avoided due to the lack of sunlight during our last hour of walking.

12.06.11 Monsal Trail with tunnels

Thinking back to the first time that I did the Monsal trail along with the detours, I remember wondering if i could simply sneak into the the tunnels. Probably would have been a dangerous idea, most likely impossible to penetrate and could even have got me arrested. Fortunately rumours came about that the tunnels would be reopened after many many years of being locked up, so my covert operation was scrapped. Now finally, after a lot of surveying and safety work the full Monsal Trail can be walked without detour. I must say though that the old route with the detours is a cracking walk with more variety. Today was pretty much forecast to be a wash out for walking so it seemed like the perfect time to be heading into tunnels. We left the car in Bakewell and intended to get the bus back along the A6 from Wye Dale. ( Note! Limited Bus service on sundays from Wye Dale) We all had a great time, we still got soaked and Noah found the tunnels fascinating.

06.03.11 Kinder Scout from Hayfield

Minutes after leaving the car park at Hayfield we could see we were in for a day of limited views. The Kinder Plateau was blanketed in hill fog and it wasn't looking like it was going to break. Our route through William Clough ended with us coming away from the path and going straight up through the middle of the Clough and onto the Pennine Way. It was from this point onwards that we wouldn't be seeing very far ahead for a while. We couldn't make out Kinder Downfall at all!

Our lunch stop was spent wedged between rocks to protect us from wind until it was too cold to sit around any longer. As we reached Kinder Low and made our way through the black mounds of peat and moon like rock formations, the raised trig point came into view. It never seems like the most inviting of places for a break so we continued on, making our way down Kinderlow End and back to Hayfield.

24.10.10 Peak District Balloon Ride

Phew! The weather was good and our flight didn't get cancelled. We took off from Bakewell and were blown south to just beyond Carsington Water. Great experience with fantastic scenery and an amusing bumpy landing.



24.10.10 Chatsworth Gardens

Sunny sunday morning visit to Chatsworth House

24.10.10 Curbar Edge and Baslow Edge

Early sunday morning trip to Baslow. I was up on Curbar Edge by 7am and made my way over to Baslow Edge aswell. Apart from a couple of dog walkers, I was pretty much alone to take in the scenery as the sun came up. I also got to see a Virgin hot air balloon which ensured me that my flight later in the day would go ahead.

23.10.10 Lathkill Dale

I've been wanting to do this walk for a long time now and today was finally the day for it. I knew the weather wasn't going to be great so I figured this route may give us just a little bit of protection from the elements. I was also under strict instructions to do something a little less strenuous.

Must thank Angela at for this one. We left the car at the car park on Moor Lane just outside of Youlgreave and headed north west on the Limestone Way to Lathkill Dale. After a steep and slippery descent we followed the River Lathkill past caves and weirs to Conksbury Bridge. We crossed the road and continued to follow the river around the bottom of Bradford, then followed the River Bradford and back onto the Limestone Way to the car. The walk had started with light rain and ended the same although we felt fortunate considering the bad weather report and Natalie was pleased to have pain free feet and legs. Objective achieved!!


08.05.10 Grindsbrook

Grindsbrook again! This really is one of the most fun places to walk in the peaks. We arrived in the morning at Edale and set up the tent at Fieldhead campsite. It was a windy day and was threatening to rain. This route is basically the reverse of what I did back in 2008. We made our way out of Edale and up Grindsbrook Clough. We stayed down in the Clough and followed the water up. It's more fun that way. Once at the top on the Kinder Plateau we turned right and followed the edges of Upper and Nether Tor. We stopped along the track for a sandwich and admired the view out to Edale and the Great Ridge. The wind had died down and it was very peaceful. We then took a route around the bottom of Ringing Roger to the viewpoint on The Nab and back down into Edale. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent in The Old Nags Head drinking Burton Black. Perfect!

14.02.10 Roaches

When I asked Noah if he wanted to go walking with Daddy and his friends he got very excited!

I packed his little rucksack with sweets and flapjacks which I figured could be used as motivational pit stops and told him about Lud's Church and the bottomless Doxey Pool. The next morning Alan picked us up and we drove up to the foot of Hen Cloud where we met Rod. We left Rod's car behind and drove up to Gradbach to start our walk. We followed the path alongside the river through the woodland and the Dane Valley Way, we then took the very narrow footpath left back into the woodland and up to the Hanging Stone. This was Pit stop No:1 for Noah where I had promised him a drink and a flapjack. We then followed the path to Lud's Church (a highlight for Noah), up through the top of Back Forest and onto the Roaches. We stopped about half way for something more substantial to eat and then continued along until we descended down the climbers path and back to the base of Hen Cloud. I was very proud of Noah :-)


05.09.09 Kinder Scout via Grindsbrook

This morning I met up with Lee and Rod in Edale. We took the fun route up Grindsbrook onto the Kinder Plateau. We continued west and when we reached the top of Crowden Clough, we turned north walking in one of the peat groughs until it became narrow. It had been raining a lot over the last couple of days so up on top was very difficult but I must say we did have a giggle. After a lot of sidestepping and leaping to avoid the obvious deep patches, we found the wide channel that led to Kinder Downfall. We then followed the Pennine Way to Kinder Low and descended Jacob's Ladder back to Edale. It was a windy day and it threatened to rain but fortunately didn't. In Hindsight I would recommend staying out of the groughs especially if they are above head height and narrow. I'm sure collapses are rare but no doubt possible.

04.09.09 Shutlingsloe

With Bleaklow finished and still feeling like I had some energy and time before meeting Lee, I decided to get in the car and take a trip over to Cheshire. I had done a bit of internet research and found a popular route that would end with me on the top of Shutlingsloe (a lone peak with 360 degree views). I parked up at Wildboarclough and I must say I soon realised that this wasn't really the route for me. It was reasonably pleasant and ideal if you like low level walking but I found it lacked any real points of interest or views. Eventually after making my way through many fields I reached Macclesfield Forest and followed the signs up to Shutlingsloe. After climbing the steep steps I made it to the top and the view was wonderful. After spending the first part of the day battered by wind and rain on Bleaklow it was a very nice change to be looking out over Cheshire with a low sun beaming on me. Shutlingsloe may not be that high but it does have big views.


04.09.09 Bleaklow

I'd recently read a feature on Bleaklow in Country Walking magazine (I'm so Rock 'n' Roll) and became intrigued by its strong character. It certainly seemed Bleak and it looked very hard going. I wasn't expecting anything pretty about it but I was keen to find out how I would feel being out in the middle of what looked like a very desolate and creepy landscape. I set off early from the edge of Glossop following the route above Yellowslacks Brook, continuing along the side of Dowstone Clough. After a bit of side stepping and leaping I made it to Hern Stones. The only feature I could see. At this point rain clouds started to sweep over the land behind me so I picked up the pace and continued grough leaping my way to Bleaklow Head. I then back tracked past Hern Stones in search of the Trig at High Shelf Stones and the site of the crashed B29 Superfortress. I then followed Crooked Clough past Doctor's Gate, Mossy Lea farm and back to the car at Glossop.

08.08.09 In the Peaks with Noah

This trip was less about exploring new places but more about taking Noah to places I think he would enjoy. I'm hoping that as he gets older, he will want to join me more often.

The first destination for the day was Dovedale. I knew that Noah would love the stepping stones and his speed ascending the steep path up Thorpe Cloud really impressed me. He shot to the top and really enjoyed himself.Next was the Druid Rocks at Birchover. He was convinced that bears lived in the caves and really liked exploring them.Our last destination for the day was over to Robin Hood's Stride. I let him locate a route to the top and followed closely behind. We sat at the top enjoying cheese rolls.

That evening we camped in my cousin Nathan's garden and the next morning Noah helped feed his animals.

26.05.09 20 Miles of Peak District Edges

We left Geordie's car at Baslow Edge and continued in mine to Derwent Dam. The plan was to fit in a load of the Peak District edges in one long day. Our route took us to many interesting rock formations and along Derwent Edge, Stanage Edge, Burbage Rocks, Froggatt Edge, Curbar Edge and Baslow Edge. It wasn't a particularly strenuous route as we spent the majority of our time on flat paths. What we underestimated was the foot ache. After 15 miles we described it to be like having the bottoms of our feet hit with a hammer. The afternoon coffee break at the Longshaw estate was very comforting so we insisted not to stay there long.

The morning started out very cloudy but brightened up considerably as the day went on. The wind was consistantly strong throughout though.

24.04.09 The Roaches and Lud's Church

Driving at 4.30am was brutal but I had the urge to walk and was on a deadline because I had get back in time for the end of school. The night before myself and Geordie had settled for a quick trip to The Roaches. We started from the parking area below Hen Cloud. We made our way up Hen Cloud from the steep path (Upper Hulme side) and then crossed The Roaches. We then went down into Forest Wood for a brief rest and then continued on to Lud's Church. We then started to backtrack through the wood but took the path which lead us straight up the hill and back to The Roaches. Instead of following the path back down from The Roaches that we had used ealier, we took the route that I would call 'The Climbers track' down to the popular climbing area just above Rockhall. The path lead us back down to the base of Hen Cloud and back down to the cars. It was mild, cloudy morning but became very warm and sunny as we finished. I introduced Geordie to Maoam sweets. Later than day he lost one of his front teeth.

25.01.09 Castles, Dams and Reservoirs

Today I picked up 2 old friends for a days walking in the Peaks. We started from Derwent Dam and made our way along the footpath past Derwent Reservoir and around Howden Reservoir. We then crossed Ditch Clough and over to Alport Castles. After some time messing around on the rocks we continued down Rowlee Pasture, across Bridge-end Pasture and up on to Crook Hill. The sun was setting as we came down from Crook Hill and Followed Ladybower Reservoir back to the car at Derwent Dam. They day started out rather windy and cold but became milder later. Thankfully with my new Jetboil we had plenty of hot coffee and thanks to Mark for the flapjacks.

19.12.08 Grindsbrook

I sneaked out nice and early on friday morning to Edale. Probably a little too early as it was dark when I started the walk and briefly wore my headtorch. From Edale Station I made my way up Grindsbrook onto the footpath and across the wooden bridge. I made my way up the zig zag path to The Nab and then followed the path around to the back of Ringing Roger. After taking in the views from Ringing Roger I then crossed the fords to Nether Tor and Upper Tor, across more fords to the top of Grindsbrook Clough. I then clambered down the boulder strewn Grindsbrooke Clough and admired the waterfalls back to Edale. The weather was overcast and cold and the rain the night before made things that little bit more boggy.

18-19.12.08 Around the High Peak District

A 2 day trip in the High Peak District. Based in Castleton we took several short walks around the area. We visited Ladybower Reservoir, Peveril Castle, Treak Cliff Cavern and took in the views from the top of Mam Tor. It was forecast to rain but fortunately it only really did at the end of each day. I also managed to slip in a cheeky walk on the friday morning. (see below)

22.11.08 Dove Dale

Today's walk started at about 8.30am from the Dove Dale car park. We started out alone but it wasn't long until many groups arrived. First we climbed up Thorpe Cloud and then we made our way along the Dove Dale valley floor. We took a couple of detours to lengthen the route and to get views ahead. After reaching Milldale we chose the difficult and often disappearing route back along the other side of the river. We then went right at IIam Rock and ascended up the side of the valley through Dove Dale Wood and onto Bunster Hill. From here we chose a very steep shuffle back down to the valley floor. Mark brought some great flapjacks and we had a pint of Guinness at The Bluebell Inn.

12.09.08 Thor's Cave and the Manifold Way

Today I travelled to the Peak District with my friend Mark. Starting at the car park at Hulme End, we followed the path up through Ecton and then took the path left to the top of Ecton Hill. We came down the east side past Manor House and followed the track through the gap on Wetton Hill and down to Wetton village. Continuing along Carr Lane, crossed Weags Bridge and then joined the Manifold Way to Thor's Cave. After lunch at the cave we then continued on to Wetton Mill and Nan Tor cave, passed through Swainsley tunnel and back up to Hulme End. We snacked on fruit and flapjacks and finished the day with a pint in the Manifold Inn. The weather was mild but cloudy.

01.07.08 High Wheeldon, Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill

Today I returned to Longnor to complete the route I didn't get to finish a few months back. I met Geordie and Paul B at the Longnor market square and we made our way over the River Dove and up High Wheeldon. We then passed through Earl Sterndale, up Dowel Dale, through Greensides and stopped for lunch on the top of High Edge. We then passed along side Tor Rock, up and over Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill. Then it was just a case of following the track through Underhill Farm and back to Longnor. The weather was the hottest so far this year and i have a pink forehead to prove it. We power snacked on cherry flapjack and jelly babies. At the end of the walk we had a beer at the Black Swan pub.

05.04.08 Parkhouse Hill from Longnor

Found this one in Trail Magazine. Due to a lack of time and not so nice weather i didn't get to explore Chrome Hill as well. It was a dull wet morning with a pretty strong wind. I power snacked on Mini Jaffa cakes and had a nice breakfast waiting for me at Moorside Grange Hotel.

04.04.08 Ladybower Reservoir and Win Hill

Started this walk from the Overspills at Ladybower Reservoir. I followed the path along the Dam then up the side of the reservoir to Hagglee Ford, i then ascended up through the woodland to the top of the hill and then along Roman road directly to Win Hill. The weather was dull and very cloudy. Distance of visibility was very short but it wasn't too cold. I power snacked on Jaffa Cake Bars (very nice) and had a cooked breakfast waiting for me at Moorside Grange hotel.

04.03.08 Castleton Ridge

Squeezed this walk in on a tuesday morning. It was a very cold day but the sky was clear for the duration and became sunny. I parked at Hope railway station and walked through Hope village and Castleton, i took the path up Cave Dale past Peveril castle, past Rowter Farm, up onto Mam Tor and then i followed the ridge past Back Tor and up to Lose Hill. I walked down Lose hill to where i met the river that runs parallel to the train line, into Hope and then back to the Train station. Power snack was a Mars bar and a chicken tikka wrap in the car.

29.02.08 Luds church and the Roaches

On today's walk i picked up Lee at 5am for the 2 hour trip to the peak district. The weather throughout was very cloud but calm until near the end when it tipped down with rain. The route started at Gradbach car park. We followed the path through Back Forest and around to Hangingstone, we then took the left path ahead round to Luds Church), followed the path along through the other side of Back Forest, up to Roach End and across the Roaches. When we came down the sky had opened up on us so we avoided Hen Cloud by turning left and following the path along Summerhill, past Goldsitch, along the path to the left of Gradbach hill and back to the car. Power snacked on a Yorkies.

01.02.08 Kinder Scout

Me and Lee set off from home at 6am. The weather was very cold, it was snowing and the winds at the summit were 45mph. We got blown off our feet by gusts more than once. We parked at the end of Hayfield near Kinder Bank, followed the path along Kinder reservoir, up William Clough, then right across Sandy Heys and over to Kinder Downfall, over to Kinder Low, to Edale Cross and followed the path to the road which lead back to the Hayfield car park. Power snacked on Yorkies and lucozade and grabbed a pie and chips at the services on the way home.

04.01.08 Monsal Trail

The weather was mild til around 3pm when we had some rain and it became cold. Me and Lee started as clearly marked at the disused Bakewell Railway station. Followed the old train track past Hassop station then down via a detour (due to closed tunnels) to Monsal Head, across the viaduct and down past Cressbrook and Litton Mills, up and continuing the track to Millers Dale station. We then made our way via an unconventional route across farmland to Blackwell. We got to the bus stop on the A6 bus route for our return ride to Bakewell. Power snacked on Yorkies and a McDonalds at the M1 services.

01.08.07 Thorpe Cloud

Today's weather was scorchio! I was staying in Crich with the family for a few days. I got up around 5am and spent about 1 hour driving around looking for the village Thorpe. I had in my head that as I share the name Thorpe i should get free stuff from Thorpe. Maybe even treated like a celebrity. Anyway, to great relief there was a toilet at the start of this walk. I ascended from around the back via the stepping stones, took a few snaps and then made my way back. All in approximately 1 hour. A very picturesque walk that I really should have extended to Milldale. I'll save that for another day. There was no need for power snacks.

01.06.06 Robin Hood's Stride and Rowter Rocks

IWe started in Birchover, walked to the bottom of the high street past the Druid Inn, we cut east across a field and joined the footpath up to Robin Hood's Stride where we had a picnic. We then took a look at the view from Cratcliffe Rocks, back tracked to the Druid Inn and clambered up to Rowter Rocks which can be found hidden in the trees behind the Inn. The weather was perfect. In the evening we had dinner at the Druid Inn and then got hammered in Youlgrave.