About Me

I've recently become obsessed with the outdoors. Maybe i'm having a bit of a crisis that started when i hit 30 or i've simply just found a hobbie to fill some of the large amount of free time I have. I'm a firefighter living in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire with the world's best shift pattern.. You might think 'oh i get it Mr Macho cant get enough adventure' but the truth is i'm a bit of a fairy especially when it comes to heights.

UPDATE: I am now 45 and still obsessed!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a big fan of taking pictures. I'm now onto my fourth DSLR. I'm still learning the skills and i just click away constantly, which i'm sure stretches my fellow walking friends patience. Another problem I have when i'm walking is I tend to eat rubbish which you will notice on this site. Jaffa Cake bars are incredible and i'm not the only one who will devour a packet.

My friends have joined me on a lot of my walks. We spend a lot of time posing for the camera and i've deliberately not put a lot of them on here because-A. They arent pretty to look at and B. I'm trying really hard to look cooler.