Cautionary Notice

The walks that I have documented on this site vary in difficulty. If you have any queries or concerns regarding any of the routes then please contact me. I accept no liability for injuries, loss or damage. Please make sure when you do go out walking that you take at the very least a compass and map and know how to use them. Some of these walks you may find strenuous. Make sure you carry plenty of fluid and if you start to feel like it could be too much, turn back. There's no shame in not completing a walk and you don't want to have to call for help.

Before starting a walk make sure to check the weather. You can then determine what clothing and equipment is required and whether the route is actually safe to do. I use the met office mountain weather forecast as it gives a good description of the conditions on the summits.

Hopefully with great care and good navigating you shouldn't come into any trouble but if you do need assistance to signal for help give a series of 6 whistle blasts in quick succession. If you need urgent help, use a sequence of 3 short blasts, 3 long blasts and 3 short blasts. Leave a 1 minute interval between your calls for help. It's also a good idea to let someone at home know the route you intend to be doing.

Another thing I would like to stress since recently adding gpx files is if you are taking out a gps device with you, don't rely on it alone! You should still have a map on you incase of battery loss or failure of the unit. Also, please be aware that downloading gps route files does make going into the outdoors a little more reassuring but please note that the devices are not always 100% accurate. When the location was recorded to create these files the positioning could have been out by several metres and then when you come to use it, your device may send you out by several more. Keep assessing your surroundings and check your map regularly. I pretty much always stick to the well trodden trails but on occasion I may have either made a shortcut or been in an area of featureless terrain.